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Synonyms for find

Synonyms for find

to find or meet by chance

to look for and discover

to obtain knowledge or awareness of something not known before, as through observation or study

something that has been discovered

Synonyms for find

a productive insight

come upon, as if by accident

discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of

come to believe on the basis of emotion, intuitions, or indefinite grounds

get something or somebody for a specific purpose

obtain through effort or management

decide on and make a declaration about


receive a specified treatment (abstract)

perceive oneself to be in a certain condition or place

get or find back

succeed in reaching

accept and make use of one's personality, abilities, and situation


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The venue is finding favour with many Dublin based people as well as attracting several from neighbouring Leinster counties.
Earlier in his career, Warnock had successful loan spells with Bradford and Coventry City, before finding favour at Liverpool following Rafael Benitez's appointment as Gerard Houllier's successor.
The conference showed that city initiatives such as the Zurich Pilot Communities Work Programme for asylum seekers are finding favour among other dries and towns.
The yarn is used to make carpets which are now finding favour among buyers in international markets.
Open Advantage, based in Broad Street, is the first centre of excellence in the UK for open source software products increasingly finding favour with corporate customers and public organisations.