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Finding many of the studies cited by advocates proved difficult.
To avoid having a court make a finding like that, an officer should specifically set forth in his affidavit those facts which in the officer's training and experience lead him to conclude that further evidence will be found in the suspect's home.
The appeals court affirmed, finding that alleged lead contamination in one prison, and radium contamination in another prison, did not constitute cruel and unusual punishment.
Experience has taught him that these details can make the difference between finding a tree and coming up empty-handed.
Finding #1: Deep down, white liberal Democrats are as opposed to racial preferences as white Republican conservatives.
560 (1975), the court found that such representatives and the business they enhanced supported a finding of adequate nexus.
Just this month Mark Prince, MD, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan, working with Stanford researchers including Clarke, Weissman and Laurie Ailles, PhD, reported finding cancer stem cells in head and neck cancers.
They probably were dismissed as roadside volunteers picking up trash along Interstate 10, but the men and women working the shoulders of the road a few years ago were intent on finding treasure.
However, finding these nonexonic sequences has been difficult, in part because many are smaller than exons and lack the "start" and "stop" signals that mark protein-coding regions.
This finding is in accordance with those of other authors, who considered the presence of mild chronic inflammatory infiltrate to be the normal condition of the nasal mucosa, even in individuals without nasal disease.
In the 1960s, neuroscientists established that glia nurture and defend neurons, but now scientists are finding that glia also rein in neurons' impulses, issue them orders, and shape their future moves.
This finding remains consistent with the larger study where peer/adult offenders displayed higher levels of aggression than the child molesters and with existing sex offender literature that suggests that adult rapists who target their peers generally exhibit more violent and antisocial behavior than adult child molesters.
If you can't find it on this site, it's likely that you'll have trouble finding it on the Web at all.
To determine whether a noncompliance finding should be reported, auditors should consider each finding in relation to a type of compliance requirement, such as eligibility and reporting, for a major program, or an audit objective identified in the provisional compliance supplement.
On the other hand, Jenkins, Amos and Graham (1988) reported finding that black students with disabilities in their study reported being more satisfied with themselves than white students.