finder's fee

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a fee that is paid to someone who finds a source of financial backing or to someone who brings people together for business purposes

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The finder's fee can only be earned when the transaction is closed.
On some of our larger projects, the finder's fee can be significant.
Hard-pressed to recruit and retain officers, the Los Angeles Police Department wants a few hundred good men and women and is willing to pay a $2,000 relocation fee and $200 finder's fee for new cops.
This seven percent of SFAD stock is owned by the following persons: Stanley Snyder, past SFAD President and Director (17,500,000 shares); Lawrence Feldman, past SFAD legal counsel and Consultant (17,500,000 shares); New Amsterdam Investment Trust, Warren Gilbert, Trustee, Finder's Fee, (7,054,772 shares); Neil Moskowitz, Finder's Fee, (3,527,286 shares); Bob Weinberg, Brokerage's Fee, (3,527,286 shares).
A cash finder's fee of $8,000 was paid to Feliberto Gurat Jr.
on matters relating to the use of proceeds derived from the private placement and the nature of the finder's fee payable.
As the private placement has been cancelled, no finder's fee will be paid as previously announced.
The company proposes to pay the maximum finder's fee allowable by the Vancouver Stock Exchange on closing of the private placement to International Portfolio Management Inc.
In connection with the transaction, the Company has agreed to pay a finder's fee comprised of (i) cash equal to 8% of the aggregate gross proceeds received by the Company and (ii) finder warrants of the Company equal in number to 4% of the number of warrants issued in the private placement.
AGG will pay a finder's fee of 5% of the gross proceeds from the common shares subscribed for under the offering, and issue finder's warrants to acquire 10% of the common shares issued.