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Synonyms for finder

someone who comes upon something after searching

someone who is the first to observe something

optical device that helps a user to find the target of interest

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Easy Duplicate Finder supports Windows and Mac operating systems.
Finder designs and manufactures API engineered pumps and systems for the global energy market, primarily oil & gas.
Also, in celebration of the launch, iPass is offering a special Hotspot Finder promotion, the Hotspotter Challenge.
Using the split-pupil finder is straightforward, but several characteristics aren't immediately apparent.
Site Finder presents web users with a search engine page, instead of an error message, when they misspell a .
A) A finder may act only as an intermediary between a buyer and a seller.
Laser range finder technology is in a constant state of flux.
And since, in unfamiliar country, the tendency is to shoot too high, if there's a range finder there can be no argument.
Using Online's OPTI-WARE retrieval technology, Poem Finder '94 provides complete Boolean and combined set searching, including searches by subject, author, translator, poem title, book or periodical title, and first line or last line.
In some cases, a skilled attorney will not cross-examine at all if the witness did not harm the cross-examiner's case or if the damage was so severe that keeping the witness in front of the fact finder to answer more questions can only further harm the case.
Indeed, Bollinger has been the driving force bringing in a top-notch management team and sales force, as well as propelling Apartment Finder from a publication primarily focused in the southeast and secondary U.
Easy Duplicate Finder is all about combining advanced functionality with ease of use.
With the Control Cabinet Product Finder, customers are able to mouse over any component in the 3D-rendered control cabinet for a list of all the manufacturers of that product and a link to the product detail page of the specified part.
This Web site has two very useful tools - the fly-fish finder and the report finder.
Ignoring the needs of your Avenger's laser range finder and forward looking infrared receiver (FLIR) or just being plain careless with their delicate optics will kill accuracy and cost your unit big bucks.