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accept and make use of one's personality, abilities, and situation


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So it's unnerving to find oneself in such close and contemplative proximity to Zachary--possibly even more so because he cannot return our gaze.
It's very important to find oneself in the place where philosophy was born," said Ivorian professor Tanella Boni, one of over 2,000 philosophers from 105 countries who attended the seven-day event that concluded over the weekend.
Many households are indeed in difficulty - to find oneself with a mortgage but no job is a traumatic event - but as we have argued these past few years, the aggregate position is one of resilience, not fragility.
Although chapters in this thoughtful book on supporting caregivers can be accessed as needed for specific information, one may find oneself reading straight through.
As smart phones become the defacto medium for consuming multimedia content and communicating, it is not unusual to find oneself having to recharge a phone a couple times a day, said Dr.
D Y Kim, President of LG Electronics Gulf, said, As smartphones become the defacto medium for consuming multimedia content and communicating, it is not unusual to find oneself having to recharge a phone a couple times a day.
Meanwhile public housing projects, once a success, are now treated as a (increasingly racial-ized) blight - best not to find oneself on the margins, if all of life is made over into a commodity.
It is possible, while staying faithful to Augustine, to lead him back to the animating elements of his ascetic imagination; meanwhile, one may find oneself having cultivated an unexpected taste for the eternal.
Otherwise, they explained, one might find oneself celebrating Easter at the wrong time, while the Jews mocked.
One might find oneself wishing for a miracle cure even while one laps up McKinlay's descriptions of the end of a marriage and the end of a life.
It is a difficult position to find oneself in--caught between wanting a voice in the decision-making process and wanting to keep your baby safe.
As a social or psychological scientist one may sometimes find oneself becoming a philosopher, a neuroscientist or even a physicist when trying to make sense of highly complex issues such as the nature of human thought, action and perception.
The compelling descriptions of what it is like to brief a mission; creep through a pitch-black jungle, pursued by enemies; find oneself at the receiving end of a cluster-bomb attack; and experience extraction by helicopter from a hot pickup zone make it difficult to put this book down.
But to listen to the entire work from beginning to end is to find oneself getting distracted by other things about halfway through, since none of the individual sections of the work seems to be progressing in any real way from one point to another.
THERE can be few more depressing places to find oneself in than the accident and emergency department of one of our major hospitals, whether as a patient or merely to lend moral support to a loved one.