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large flat-headed whalebone whale having deep furrows along the throat

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The 60-foot long finback whale that has beached itself along Breezy Point, Queens is not expected to survive.
Garron added that the finback was "not moving a lot," and is unlikely able to make it back to sea; however, experts are hoping that the high tide could float the whale back to into the water, where it could have a better chance of surviving, according to the (http://www.
One authority with first-hand experience in steamer whaling reported that he took primarily humpbacks (Maddocks, 1926; Webb, 2001), and, according to another source, a humpback was "much more valuable than a finback, yielding twice as much of oil for the same size of creature" (Clark, 1887a:45).
Spectators are most likely to see Finbacks, Humpbacks, Right Whales and Minkes, and they can also catch sight of seabirds, dolphins, tuna and bluefish.
In between the antics of the humpbacks, finbacks would roll by, arching the long, impressive bodies that make them the second-largest animal on earth.
Especially is this the case, since Finbacks or Humpbacks are usually so designated" (Allen, 1916, p.
One whale was sighted, but it was a finback, "a kind too lively to land with harpoons and lines" (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 20 Aug.
In the beginning of September last year, four humpbacks and 12 finbacks were spotted in a single day.