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large flat-headed whalebone whale having deep furrows along the throat

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Species such as the finback whale and the common dolphin frequent the waters around New York this time of year, according to Durham.
Scammon (1874:248-250) stated, "The whales generally taken by the shore parties are Humpbacks, and California Grays; but occasionally a Right Whale, a Finback, or a Sulphur-bottom (blue whale) is captured.
The dwarf minke belongs in the same genus (Balaenoptera) as the mightiest animals on the planet, including the blue, finback and sei whale.
There are more than 20 species of dolphins swimming around the island along with sperm, pilot and finback whales.
Like a human autopsy, the necropsy would provide clues to why the whale, a young female finback, died.
Naval Air Facility, Lajes, Azores; USS Finback (SSN 670); and USS South Carolina (CGN 37).
In several cases, meat from minke whales was labeled as finback whales, whose capture is prohibited under International Whaling Commission (IWC) rules, while dolphin was sold as minke whale.
In southern coastal Alaska, Glacier Bay National Park provides critical habitat and an important marine sanctuary for endangered finback whales (Balaenoptera physalus), endangered humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae), and the threatened population of Steller sea-lions (Eumetopias jubatus).
This impacts on the lives of animals, from the finback whales who come to the Bay of Fundy in Canada to gorge on herrings, to the world's fastest slug, which surfs the waves in South Africa to hunt for food.
They were after blue, minke, finback, and sei whales.
Payne knew that finback whales communicate by infrasound, sounds pitched so low (less than 20 hertz, or 20 sound cycles per second) that humans feel the physical vibration like pounding bass music rather than hear the sound.
Sightings of blue and finback whales also are not uncommon.
In Baja California, Mexico, the outfitter runs paddling excursions among the sea lions, dolphins and finback whales around Espiritu Island, just off the Baja coast in the Sea of Cortez.
While aboard Finback, he became famous for his drop-dead imitation of a bellowing elephant, which earned him a nickname, "Ellie.