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Synonyms for financing

Synonyms for financing

money or property used to produce more wealth

Synonyms for financing

the act of financing


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These include financing for large, jumbo deals over $100 million, LIBOR-based floating rate-deals as low as 3.
The financing closed today is very similar to the February Laurus financing.
with responsibility for originating and structuring conventional and securitized debt and equity financings.
During this time, the unit has also grown its customer portfolio twelve-fold -- financing more than $860 million in loans in 2004, a 26% increase over the previous year.
The financing commitment from GE Commercial Finance is part of $600 million senior secured revolving loan facility, for which GE served as Co-Lead Arranger, Co-Syndication Agent and Co-Collateral Agent.
Gibralt had provided Diomed with interim financing in December 2002.
In an effort to address the maturity of the Convertible Debentures in October 2002, the Company has explored a wide range of corporate and asset level financing alternatives, including equity, equity linked, and mezzanine financing, and continues to work diligently with its advisors to execute on selected transactions.
As the largest project financing solely advised and lead arranged by BNP Paribas in Latin America, Rio Polimeros is evidence of our continuing commitment and belief in the Latin American market," stated Robert Munczinski, Head of Project Finance and Utilities, Americas.
Davis said, "We hope this pamphlet will explain in simple terms who and what is eligible for tax-exempt financing, why it is virtually always the best choice for nonprofit corporations when considering financing capital projects (even compared to using donations), how tax-exempt financing works and how to make the most of it.
The term of the financing is one year renewable for another year upon the mutual consent of the parties.
Deferred financing costs will be reimbursed as a component of overall works financial costs on completion or, should it occur, on termination, through the termination value payment.
Subject to the satisfaction of the financing proposal conditions, which include approvals by shareholders at a special general meeting on August 28, the financing would be completed on or about September 2, 1999.
The funding we have received and will receive over the next few weeks will enable us to shift our primary financing focus from short-term financing programs to long-term financings and licensing opportunities to support our operations and clinical trial activities," Frost concluded.
2 billion, an 82 percent improvement compared with financings in the first nine months of 1994.
43) Thus, the final regulations are retroactive in the sense that they apply to interest and other payments made pursuant to financings entered into prior to the final regulations, the proposed regulations, or the enactment of section 7701(l).