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Synonyms for financing

Synonyms for financing

money or property used to produce more wealth

Synonyms for financing

the act of financing


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Scott Assouline and Avi Weinstock arranged the financing for this transaction;
Capital One's DriveOne process puts the purchasing power in the hands of car buyers by moving vital parts of the transaction - from research to financing - online.
A $1 million permanent financing for a garden apartment complex in Holbrook, N.
Neil Bane arranged the financing for this transaction.
A financing arrangement exists at least three parties (a financing entity, an intermediate entity an a financed entity) participate in least two related financing transactions.
In such cases, the interest paid by the borrower is considered to be paid directly to the financing party.
Project financing is based on cash-flow lending in which repayment is linked to individual transactions usually secured by specific assets.
To help grow Cisco's business in these regions, Cisco Capital has established strong relationships with its emerging market financing partners to help enable greater access to working capital, the lack of which has until today been a key constraint in achieving growth potential in these markets.
200 Million of Preferred Equity Financing--Premier Manhattan Office Building--Carlton, as exclusive advisor to a developer, is in the process of arranging preferred equity financing for a premier 2-million-square-foot office building situated in a prime area of Manhattan.
Losing your equipment customers because they have financing problems?
Lupoff will be responsible for providing debt financing, lease solutions and equity investments of $25 million to $1 billion or more for new construction or expansion projects within capital-intensive industries.
The financing was structured as a 10-year term loan, with 25-year amortization, 74% LTV and a 1.
Paul Greenbaum, Matthew Classi, Alan Perlmutter, and Adam Brostovski arranged the financing for these transactions.
Consistent financial performance of the core business measured by funds from operations (FFO; measured by cash flow from operations prior to changes in working capital), excluding cash flows associated with the financing portfolio.