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Synonyms for financing

Synonyms for financing

money or property used to produce more wealth

Synonyms for financing

the act of financing


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Neil Bane arranged the financing for this transaction.
315 million development financing--Trump SoHo, New York--The financing will be used for the ground-up development of a 42-story, 413-key, five-star hotel located in the highly desirable and fashionable SoHo section of Manhattan.
RCMD is one of numerous brokers who offer premium financing via AFCO Credit Corp.
Large corporations only need to prove cash flow and demonstrate a decent financial condition to get financing as a result of the incoming investment, Hernandez says.
In the opinion discussed below, the Tax Court considered Freddie Mac's position that the FMV of the below-market financing in place on Jan.
In attracting new dealers, the ability to deliver affordable financing is often essential to induce a dealer to switch its product line.
These rules should be distinguished from the more general rule that a structure with multiple unrelated IE's may be a financing arrangement if each of the entities qualifies as a conduit under the usual rules.
Further, REITs such as Meditrust are able to offer operators the sales/leaseback financing alternative.
In February, Grigsby Brandford senior-managed a $300 million financing for the Texas Public Finance Agency.
4,000,000 mortgage financing for a seven-story elevator apartment building containing 84 units, located on Bradhurst Avenue in Manhattan, New York.
exporters and their Latin American customers need financing for capital purchases, they turn to AmTrade International Bank.
Treaty shopping occurs when a financing entity that is a resident of a country that has no income tax treaty with the United States (or has an unfavorable treaty) forms an intermediate entity, a foreign corporation in a country with a favorable treaty, to invest in the United States.
The new provision consists of a single sentence that authorizes the Department of the Treasury to issue regulations "recharacterizing any multiple-party financing transaction as a transaction directly among any two or more of such parties" where the Internal Revenue Service determines that this is necessary to prevent tax avoidance.
Since banks stopped begging to lend money for expansion, companies have been scrounging for other financing sources for new projects.
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