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Synonyms for financier

Synonyms for financier

one who is occupied with or expert in large-scale financial affairs

Synonyms for financier

a person skilled in large scale financial transactions

conduct financial operations, often in an unethical manner

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I, who do not pretend to be a financier, saw only one idea in your idea.
PETER WINN lay back comfortably in a library chair, with closed eyes, deep in the cogitation of a scheme of campaign destined in the near future to make a certain coterie of hostile financiers sit up.
At that time I used to know a podgy, wealthy, bald little man having chambers in the Albany; a financier too, in his way, carrying out transactions of an intimate nature and of no moral character; mostly with young men of birth and expectations--though I dare say he didn't withhold his ministrations from elderly plebeians either.
I don't know at what hour my private financier began his day, but he used to give one appointments at unheard of times: such as a quarter to eight in the morning, for instance.
Blount, was lifting his loud voice in applause, and the astonished financier his (in some considerable deprecation), when a knock sounded at the double front doors.
Experience had taught him that none of the arguments which seemed so conclusive to him--to wit, that the financier had on two occasions only just escaped imprisonment for fraud, and, what was worse, made a noise when he drank soup, like water running out of a bathtub--had the least effect upon her.
It had behind it not only forty millions of capital, but the prestige of the Vanderbilts, and the favor of financiers everywhere.
His capital and resources had by this time greatly augmented, and he had risen from small beginnings to take his place among the first merchants and financiers of the country.
We have yielded to foreign financiers so long that now it is war or ruin, Even the people, even the country people, are beginning to suspect that they are being ruined.
The meaning of the outrages on Orientals," replied Fisher, "is that the financiers have introduced Chinese labor into this country with the deliberate intention of reducing workmen and peasants to starvation.
One of the greatest financiers of the city in close confabulation with Mr.
Financiers and promoters, and all the flotsam and jetsam of the sea of speculation surged upon the shores of his eleven millions.
SOME Financiers who were whetting their tongues on their teeth because the Government had "struck down" silver, and were about to "inaugurate" a season of sweatshed, were addressed as follows by a Member of their honourable and warlike body:
beaucoup moins que]Le protocole d'accord vise a renforcer les relations entre les deux places financieres et a developper le marche financier algerien[beaucoup plus grand que], precise-t-on aupres de la Cosob, l'autorite en charge de la regulation du marche financier algerien.
OEMs may also be able to use these tender processes to introduce another financier into the market.