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Synonyms for financial

Synonyms for financial

of or relating to finances or those who deal in finances

Synonyms for financial

involving financial matters



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The teamsters' strike, backed financially by the teamsters of San Francisco and by the allied unions of the San Francisco Water Front Confederation, promised to be long-drawn, whether or not it was successful.
The latest LAFCO study clearly shows the new Valley city and remaining Los Angeles will be financially viable.
BOSTON -- Responding to brokers' demand to have more financially strong insurers located in Puerto Rico, Liberty International Underwriters - a division of Liberty Mutual Group - has opened an office in San Juan.
A new plan released Tuesday boosts the cause for San Fernando Valley secession by finding that a new city would be financially stronger than past estimates - even though it would pay more than twice as much ``alimony'' to Los Angeles.
The poll, sponsored by the Insurance Information Network of California and Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, found that only 22 percent of Californians consider themselves to be physically or financially prepared for a disaster in their area.
Larry Calemine, executive officer of the Local Agency Formation Commission, said he could not craft a proposal that would make a new city of the San Pedro and Wilmington communities financially viable.
You'll also find chapters on e-commerce, financially troubled companies, and other important areas.
A report released Wednesday found that Hollywood would be financially viable as an independent city - a key finding that could mean Los Angeles residents could be voting in November on whether to let half the city secede.
Best designates an insurer as a Financially Impaired Company (FIC) upon the first official regulatory action taken by an insurance department.
Chasworth also cited Government Code Section 1090, under which, ``county, district officers or employees shall not be financially interested in any contract made by them in their official capacity, or by any body or board of which they are members.
The book features details of the regulations on eligibility requirements, applications and approvals that a savings institution is required to obtain when acquiring another savings institution as a subsidiary, a discussion of the passive activity rules, and an especially valuable chapter on financially distressed S corporations.
The report repeated assertions that the Valley would be financially viable as its own city with a budget of about $1 billion.
Nearly half of all affluent investors in the Citigroup Smith Barney Affluent Investor Poll feel like they are getting along better financially today then they were a year ago.
8 million annually for at least three years so that the split does not harm Los Angeles financially.
From 1998 through December 2002, Corporations alleges that Cho solicited financially unsophisticated friends, along with their family members and their friends, to invest in his illegal scheme.