financial support

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financial resources provided to make some project possible

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According to the results of 2015, Turkey provided financial support worth $3.
If financial support is allowed by the guidelines for applicants, applicants wishing to give financial
But in the form of financial support, [we don't get] much.
He said that seeds to the growers were being given with the financial support of federal government meant to introduce best quality seeds in the agency.
The administration with the financial support of federal government and non-governmental organizations had initiated a number of projects for rehabilitation of displaced persons.
The financial support team also helps challenge benefit decisions that are potentially incorrect.
Arise will present an opportunity for grassroots organisations to obtain an additional means of financial support.
We do feel a sense of injustice that financial support is now being offered to businesses and residents in other areas which was not made available to people in the Calder Valley.
According to the Treasury, Al Nuaimi has facilitated significant financial support to Al Qaida in Iraq, and served as an interlocutor between Al Qaida in Iraq leaders and Qatar-based donors.
BMO Harris Bank Arizona has announced that the bank has increased its financial support to Valley of the Sun United Way.
The analysts found that only 41 percent of the survey participants were providing financial help for their parents, and that another 10 percent were providing some financial support but less than $100 per month.
OSLO, September 26, 2012 (WAFA) - The Norwegian Ministry of Finance excluded the Norwegian organization Karmel-instituttet from the list of organizations that receive tax deductions for providing financial support to Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, a statement by Norwegian advocacy groups said Wednesday.
The Donors Conference begins in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, with the purpose of cementing financial support for Yemen so that the country is better prepared to face current economic challenges.
ALMOST a third (31%) of families are providing financial support to their extended family and friends, according to the latest Aviva Family Finances Report.
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