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Conrad Davis, CPA is a partner at Sacramento-based Ueltzen & Company, LLP providing financial statement and tax services.
2 to provide guidance in circumstances where the successor accountant is engaged to report on a restatement adjustment with respect to prior-period financial statements that have been restated while indicating that a predecessor accountant reported on the financial statements of the prior period before restatement.
M eliminates (1) all dividend income from DS1-DS100 and FS1-FS50 in financial statement consolidation entries and (2) the minority interest ownership of DS1-DS100 in financial statement consolidation entries.
For many reasons, companies prefer strong financial statements depicting an enterprise with a solid balance sheet, steady earnings, and attractive cash flows.
They may be sued for fraud or gross negligence if the third party could be expected to rely on fraudulent financial statements.
Disclosure of material differences from past estimates, including the reason for those differences and management's response in current estimates, would be useful to financial statement users.
Technical corrections may also indicate that if an applicable financial statement does not show a specific earnings or tax amount, the taxpayer cannot rely on underlying workpapers or other materials, not a part of the financial statements that derive such an amount.
Consequently, TEI believes that a careful balance must be struck between (1) disclosure of meaningful financial information to financial statement users and (2) disclosure of confidential tax planning and compliance issues to tax administrators and competitors.
8, if an accountant submits financial statements to a client that are not expected to be used by a third party, the following communication options are available:
Thus, while the method used is not considered to be GAAP, it is acceptable for financial statement purposes, if not materially different from a GAAP method.
Our inclination, therefore, is to recommend that a taxpayer's basic financial statement information be utilized to the fullest extent possible and that reclassification of data be minimized, if not eliminated altogether.
E[acute accent]The Company stated that the 2005 financial statement errors relate to operations at the Company's Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros, Mexico facilities, and arise from a combination of (i) errors in the recording of sales and receivables due to the duplication of invoices (in Mexican pesos and in U.
The report also noted that although private company financial statement preparers sometimes use GAAP exceptions and other bases of accounting, such usage is not always appropriate-even when there is no current alternative--because it erodes GAAP's consistency while failing to truly satisfy private company financial report users.
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