financial loss

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loss of money or decrease in financial value

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The "polar vortex" weather system that blasted North America with extreme cold resulted in financial loss for many businesses that did not have strategic energy management technology in place," said Yaniv Vardi, CEO at Panoramic Power.
Consumable Products: Reimburses the financial loss resulting from a covered insured event in the food and beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries.
A huge fire also took place from February to June this year, enveloping neighboring countries, disturbing flight, causing a huge financial loss and leaving about 58,000 people suffering from respiration problem," according to the report.
Financial loss associated with a defective product or component part can be an unexpected and costly burden.
The new amendment also authorizes the DFPR secretary to assess civil penalties if the financial loss or probable financial loss is equal to or greater than either 1% of the credit union's total assets or 1% of the credit union's total gross income.
They said that the apple growers of the province are experiencing financial loss of millions of rupees due to the import of apples pouring in the local fruit market from Iran.
According to sources, besides financial loss, this illicit trade undermines public health agenda as these tobacco products fail to comply with the regulations issued by the government.
The authorities failure to stop the tempos from picking up commuters on city roads has caused a heavy financial loss to the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC).
The institute also offers the following tips on hedging your bets against a financial loss.
The value of a brand and reputation are critical corporate factors to be considered, but shareholder lawsuits arising out of a cyber crime-generated financial loss could adversely impact a corporate director or officer's own personal property.
What should follow is a "what happens if" discussion designed to uncover the risks of financial loss to your organization if the agreement is signed without changes.
The financial loss caused by significant computer attacks in 2002 declined by 56 percent from 2001, even though the number of attacks was roughly the same in both years, according to the latest Computer Crime and Security Survey.
A new guide aimed at helping those affected by natural and manmade disasters recover from financial loss has been released by the AICPA.
The AICPA and the National Endowment for Financial Education have jointly developed a new, broad-based guide to help people affected by natural and man-made disasters recover from financial loss.
Pension adjustments will also be available for a small number of employees who experienced a financial loss because of early retirement as a result of false allegations.
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