financial gain

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the amount of monetary gain

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The Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police seeks no financial gains by issuing traffic violations.
Gutierrez pleaded guilty on May 10 to a single count of harboring and shielding illegal aliens for financial gain.
You sexually exploited and degraded women as a commodity for financial gain, irrespective of the impact on them and their lives.
Lady Warsi said: "I have always maintained that I have never misused my ministerial office for personal or financial gain.
These people want to be here, they've put the project ahead of financial gain.
Genomma Lab's net profit was further affected to the upside by a financial gain of MXN7.
Financial gain seems to me to be the driving force by the parties concerned irrespective of what the residents think.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: The court found that Thomas had a right to introduce evidence of financial gain as a motive for the alleged unnecessary surgery performed by Dr.
A representative for Ronson denied that Sam was using her relationship with Lohan for financial gain.
By working for a karate school where the owner believed mainly in financial gain and not in the best interests of the members.
What is certain is that some in the waste industry seem to have taken on a crusade to get the material discredited, either for financial gain, glory or because of ignorance.
We would likely undertake a similar process to determine whether there's anything we could do to help McMaster realize some financial gain but at the same time recognize the wishes of the community.
By the time Lucy is 18, all the aunts are unaccountably dead and she is left to the not-so-tender mercies of her uncle and cousin, who plan to marry her off for financial gain.
Rather, a serial murderer's motivations are multifaceted and most often reinforced by internal desires for gratification versus external rewards, such as profit or financial gain.
Therefore, for a competing financial interest to exist, there must be at least some realistic probability at the time of submission that publication of the article in EHP would lead to financial gain or loss to the authors, their immediate family members, or institutional affiliations.