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a forecast of the expected financial position and the results of operations and cash flows based on expected conditions

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Japan-based Toho Kinzoku Company (Osaka:5781) has announced its financial forecast for the first half-year to September 2011.
Many business owners attempt to build a business without a financial forecast because they trust their instincts.
A description of what the responsible party intends the financial forecast to present; a statement that the assumptions are based on the responsible party's judgment at the time the prospective information was prepared; and a caveat that the forecasted results may not be achieved.
07 of the Guide requires that "the responsible party have a reasonably objective basis to present a financial forecast for it to be appropriate for general use.
The proposed guidance, however, also contains an exception to this rule: If the partial presentation is used to supplement a financial forecast for a period covered by the forecast, the partial presentation may be included with the financial forecast in a general-use document.
72, the ASB expanded the matters CPAs are permitted to address in comfort letters to include financial forecasts and compliance of certain information (such as selected financial data, supplementary financial information, executive compensation and ratios of earnings to fixed charges) with SEC regulation S-K.
District Court in New Jersey held an accountant who performed a financial forecast as part of a limited partnership offering had no duty to the partnership's investors to disclose material facts about the investment.
A global investigation into corporate planning has revealed that 84 per cent of businesses have a financial forecast that is less than 95 per cent accurate, while 54 percent report inaccuracies of up to 10 per cent.
Based on the strong performance to date and a positive macroeconomic situation in Russia, RBC revised its financial forecast for the whole of 2005.
Any meaningful financial forecast at this early stage is not possible.
Summary: The Board of Bank Al-Maghrib approved the annual report on the economic, monetary and financial forecasts in respect of fiscal 2015.
said it has announced the pending release of its latest version of 5Cast, which is used by local governments for budgeting and building multi-year financial forecasts.
Forecasting similar drivers across homogeneously grouped sites accelerates the generation of statistically accurate, individual plant financial forecasts, giving site managers the reliable information and confidence they need to make better decisions faster.
Aspen took over most of the education, grants and healthcare newsletters, along with two high-priced financial publications, Blue Chip Financial Forecasts and Blue Chip Economic Indicators (both 12x, $597/yr).
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