financial audit

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an attestation that the client's financial statement is accurate

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A review by the Financial Audit Bureau revealed that more than double that amount, a total of BD51,000, was actually spent on phone allowances and new devices for all staff - but concluded the expenditure was legitimate.
Now that Vice President Jejomar Binay has resigned as the chair of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council, I am most respectfully asking the Commission on Audit to conduct a performance and financial audit of all the shelter agencies during the period of time that he was chair, Pimentel said in his letter to COA chairperson Michael Aguinaldo dated June 29,2015.
A member of the financial audit team states: "As a fairly recent recruit I would love to say the WAO is an organisation on the up, but everything I see tells me the opposite.
Jribi added "we are seeing to it that no institution, including the three presidencies, remains away from any administrative or financial audit.
The financial IS audit process increasingly contributes to financial audit planning.
Our Financial Audit and Value for Money work helps save the country millions of pounds a year (more than PS1bn in 2011/12) and serves to bring about improvements in the delivery of public services.
The role of financial audit emphasizes the understanding of what is an audit, the way it is conducted and what conditioning it and the professional responsibilities of auditors during an audit.
As agreed by the ministry of petroleum and natural gas, it will be a financial audit and conducted in compliance with various subsections of and it will not be a performance audit," Ganguly had added.
Can a financial audit process like that required by the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990 (CFO Act), as amended, contribute to the efficiency of the Department of Defense (DoD)?
40 issued by the INTOSAI, in addition to, the approval of the 2nd competition for researches and studies in audit and accounting and the approval of the directories, such as, the Financial Audit Directory, the General Directory, the Oil and Gas Audit Directory and the Pre-Audit Directory.
The Gt Jamahiriya was represented in the conference by the Secretary of the GPC of Financial Audit.
596 (c)(2 ), we were required to conduct a financial review of a midyear statement and a financial audit of a year-end statement.
We also hired KPMG LLP to conduct a peer review of our financial audit practice their fourth such engagement with us.
Our system financial audit for last fiscal year was delivered to the state controller and will be included in the state's financial statements,'' Macht said.
Improving financial performance, according to the agenda, includes obtaining a clean audit opinion because "a clean financial audit is a basic prescription for any well-managed organization.
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