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There are many pieces of financial aid data extremely useful to financial aid administrators, yet potentially misleading to people not as familiar with the detailed data," he explains.
The Directory is divided into four separate sections: a descriptive list of financial aid programs designed primarily or exclusively for the disabled and their families; a list of state sources of benefits; an annotated bibliography of directories listing general financial aid programs; and a set of five indexes.
While the effect of self-help financial aid (SELFAID) is not significant, need-based aid (NEEDAID) is positive and significant at the 10% level in column 2, when the EFC is used instead of the family income groups.
This is where you might become confused and gamble on an early decision option that admits you to a school before you know what kind of financial aid you will receive.
To review the steps to planning your financial aid future, the College Board has designated a checklist to follow when you are involved in the financial aid process.
A 2011 study, published by the Journal of Student Financial Aid, showed first-year students who submit a FAFSA are 72% more likely to persist in college than students who do not file the aid application.
Federal and state financial aid programs-even your institution's own aid programs--can be very confusing for those who do not work with them every day.
7 million students who would have been eligible for financial aid fail to file the FAFSA because they believe themselves to be ineligible.
In all honesty, this smacks of a bribery program,'' said Diane Ryan, interim director of financial aid for California State University, Northridge.
The experts say Randy needn't worry because there is financial aid available for college-bound students.
In the face of increasing public scrutiny of college financial aid practices, a recent survey revealed that parents may be at a disadvantage when it comes to reaping the benefits of college financial aid.
The only financial aid management solution to offer complete support for non-term, nonstandard term, and standard academic years
The goal of outsourcing such calls was to provide quick answers to easy-to-answer financial aid-related questions, thereby freeing financial aid staff members to concentrate on the more time-consuming queries.
Experts from Antelope Valley College's Financial Aid Office will be joined by representatives from lending institutions.
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