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The College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) provides information on financial aid and many other areas to help North Carolinians apply to and pay for college.
Regardless of whether or not prospective students believe they qualify for financial aid, they should still consider completing a Free Application for Student Financial Aid (FASFA) because it may be an existing eligibility requirement for certain scholarships at various schools (FASFA, 2016).
Financial aid staff members have no idea what may have happened to a student arriving at the office, and then that student must be told financial aid has been lost.
8220;This partnership strengthens the GlobalCORE solution,” said Jimmy Addison, CEO of Global Financial Aid Services.
Typically, a student seeking financial aid must file an application each year, no earlier than the beginning of the calendar year involved (for example, January 2007 for the September 2007 school year).
Financial aid laws and implications: According to the "2006-2007 Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA), a student who seeks Federal financial aid and plans to enter college in September 2007, for example, must file an application no earlier than January 2007.
A Quartz Hill High School graduate, Hagaman entered the drawing at a Wango Tango concert in Anaheim, answering questions on an electronic keypad in a survey intended to inform people about community colleges and their financial aid programs.
And the report, commissioned by the Sallie Mae Fund, found that 75 percent of potential college students who are Latino indicated they would have been more likely to attend if they had better information about financial aid.
Here are some tips from David Myette, board chairman of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and financial aid director at Champlain College in Vermont.
I see more student loans taken out, and then students come out of college with a large debt," says Robert Sommers, director of financial aid at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion.
529 plan account are considered for financial aid if the custodian is the parent or if the student is the account owner.
The task of finding a financial aid provider can often be a difficult one.
This is where you might become confused and gamble on an early decision option that admits you to a school before you know what kind of financial aid you will receive.
Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families provides comprehensive information in a single source about the nearly 950 resources set aside specifically for the disabled or members of their family.
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