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Synonyms for finance

Synonyms for finance

the monetary resources of a government, organization, or individual

to supply capital to or for

Words related to finance

the branch of economics that studies the management of money and other assets

the management of money and credit and banking and investments

obtain or provide money for

sell or provide on credit

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These benefits, with the potential gains earned from the finance charges, must be weighed against the cost of supplementing your existing human and systems resources.
The magnitude of interest in the conference signifies a substantial hunger for an industry voice, which is why the Life Insurance Finance Association will continue to host more events like this conference.
Prioritize activities and keep the finance function focused on its objectives.
Today, Eastern's mortgage finance unit originates loans of every size.
GE Commercial Finance, which offers businesses around the globe an array of financial products and services, has assets of over $200 billion and is headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut.
In the last two or three years there has been a lot of interest in banks to finance corporations and individuals," he says.
Yet, their article--and Federal Reserve research generally--ignores what should be the focal points of bubble analysis: credit growth, speculative finance, marketplace liquidity, and various financial and economic distortions.
When we are analyzing whether or not to finance an operator, we do background checks in the states in which they do, or have done, business.
In addition, PMC's international finance team, headed up by PMC Chairman and CEO Malcolmn D.
FEI is co-locating its Forum on Finance and Technology with SIM's annual event, the SIMPosium, in Chicago this month, giving top finance executives and CIOs an opportunity to rub elbows and compare notes.
We achieved a 100 percent approval rate for transactions we submitted to Ex-Im Bank for our clients," says Susanne Keough, AmTrade vice president and former director of export finance programs for the State of Georgia.
Finance From Wall Street to Main Street -- Giving Consumers the Tools They Need to Manage Their Personal Finances
Setting up a joint venture between a manufacturer and a finance company can be a real boon for a company with large volumes of receivables weighing down its balance sheet.