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the final division into which the play of a game is divided

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The Lakers outscored the Spurs 32-24 in the final period, the key to the 12-point victory.
Blaze cut the deficit after 14 minutes and drew level four minutes into final period.
Venom regained their advantage in the opening minute of the final period.
The final period saw the Trojans continue their scoring form to eventually secure a 179-149 victory.
Rhys Taylor, Mole and Watson completed scoring with final period goals.
Barnes (2) and Johnson both completed their hat-tricks in the final period.
Perrie and Barnes made it 6-1 in the last two minutes of the second session and within three minutes of the start of the final period the advantage was extended thanks to Perrie (2) and Christian Johnson.
It was met again when Dickson, Booker, Roger Mora and Thomas McNutt took over in the final period, helping Sylmar pull away with an 8-2 run over the final two minutes.
Nottingham regained their advantage nine minutes into the final period which they held on to until the early finish.
The Kings had all the momentum after increasing their lead to 5-3 when Brad Chartrand put in a rebound of Mattias Norstrom's shot 6:42 into the final period.
Nathan Taylor struck the only goal of the middle period for 3-0, while Lee Esders tucked away the fourth in the second minute of the final period.
Not her,'' senior point guard AnnMarie Summerhays said when asked whether she was surprised Lilley hit all of her shots in the final period, after Lilley missed seven of her first eight shots.
Arrows scored six unanswered goals, five in the final period, to gain two valuable away points.
Mira Costa goalie Ronnie Giery kept La Canada in check with 13 saves, four in the final period.
But fired-up Clan responded with a 4-1 final period surge to see them claim a 5-3 victory and replace Steelers at the top of the Elite League.