final injunction

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injunction issued on completion of a trial

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40) But the findings of fact and conclusions of law stemming from the preliminary hearing are not binding on the court at the final injunction trial.
A judge issued a final injunction for protection against [domestic violence] [stalking] [cyberstalking] against (defendant).
I have been vindicated by the Court's decision that Mr Coward's conduct in publishing the Greek court document was unlawful and entirely unwarranted, and by its approval of a final injunction to prevent any future intrusions.
The final injunction had been amended to prevent disclosure of information obtained during his time in the service - and also which purported to have been so obtained.
Procedurally, the next step is a final injunction hearing which is not expected for several months.
If the judge signs a temporary or final injunction, the clerk will provide you with the necessary copies.
The plaintiff recognises that is somewhat onerous, but we would seek a final injunction with regard to that," she said.
Apple said it wants the preliminary injunction pending a final injunction.
EDT to consider the form of the final injunction and, as a result of the jury's verdict of willfulness against StorageTek, to consider damages for the period preceding the June 29, 1995 filing date of the original lawsuit.