final examination

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an examination administered at the end of an academic term

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The students--enrolled in Sana'a University's College of Engineering--called for the postponement of final examinations and a university-wide loosening of academic standards.
Sessions will be held in the morning, and participants will be subject to final examination at the end of the course.
Buckingham Palace confirmed her final examination results, while the princess's parents, the Duke of York and Sarah, Duchess of York, expressed their happiness.
MONTREAL -- Aspiring tea aficionados will be gathering in Toronto, Ontario, in late March to take part in the Canadian Tea Masters Association's first Tea Mastery Certification Course for achieving the prestigious Certified Tea Master designation once the training program and final examination are successfully completed.
Former apprentice brewer at Namibia Breweries, Fredy Piepmeyer, was one of only 30 candidates awarded for scoring an aggregate mark above 80% in his final examination at a training institution in Germany.
John Davies My work - as one of 24 Uwic masters students involved - is on display and this is actually our final examination so it's both a nerve-racking and exciting time.
Boisvert-Landry obtained A+ in the FIS 744 course and also performed well in the final examination.
Midterm examination was conducted at the end of the first semester and the final examination was held at the end of the second semester.
Retention of course content, as measured by final examination scores, was not greater for students taking examinations collaboratively compared to individually.
Cleverly, unbeaten in 19 fights, is an undergraduate of Mathematics at Cardiff University, and completes his final examination in the Faculty of Applied Mathematics on May 27.
All around the gorgeous Longchamp parade ring, as he faced his final examination, they clapped as he strolled past, like a polite, slow-motion Mexican wave.
At the end of the book is a final examination composed of 125 board-style multiple choice questions.
The final chapter, 'Anti-humanism' acts as a conclusion and a final examination of the anti-essentialism and its sibling, cultural relativism, which stand at the central philosophical 'given' for postmodernist Shakespearean criticism.
The cumulative final examination consisted of 100 items, which included 25 randomly selected items from each laboratory examination, plus 50 entirely new items.
For example, a final examination could include questions that will help an instructor determine the degree to which the students achieved specific learning objectives.