final cause

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(philosophy) the end or purpose of a thing or process

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No evidence of foul play was found, and the final cause of death will be determined after a toxicology report, the release said.
The final cause of death was given as ligature strangulation with blunt force injury.
We typically find customers have failed to adhere to the operating instructions and warnings provided, but we will have to let the process play out to determine the final cause in this case," NutriBullet added.
This is because the Prime Mover is only formal cause and final cause, but it is not a material cause nor an efficient cause.
7) Animals cannot be said to be move themselves by a final cause, even if they are directed "towards and end and are themselves effects of a final cause.
If we believe that God created life to evolve to humans as image bearers,1 then we can think of God's will to have living animals capable and desirous of a relationship with him as the final cause of evolution.
Details were recorded according to a checklist based on month of registration of death, age, gender, education level, marital status, place of residence, time of accident, type of the road, accident's reporter, casualties transfer mode, final cause of death, trauma location, place of death, colour of clothing, how the crash happened, type of car, location of the crash, and casualty's status.
Unlike his neo-Scholastic counterparts, Congar would often begin with the church's final cause, a tendency that aided him in generating ideas about the eschatological nature of the church and (what would come to be labeled) the universal call to holiness.
The final cause of death has not been confirmed, pending an autopsy.
The final cause of the death will be announced after expert examination.
8] The most serious issue remains bleeding during or after CS--of all the mothers who died during or after a CS, one-third suffered hypovolaemic shock (as a final cause of death).
The final cause of death was re-categorized according to their histopathology report.
Knudson stressed that a final cause will take months to determine, and that investigators were looking into other factors, including pilot training, mechanical failure and design flaws.
Although the final cause has yet to be established, initial investigations suggest dead files which fell from an electric trap onto combustible material were responsible.