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  • verb

Synonyms for finagle

to make, achieve, or get through contrivance or guile

to take clever or cunning steps to achieve one's goals

Synonyms for finagle

achieve something by means of trickery or devious methods

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In an effort to cover the crime, most financial finaglers talk more than they should.
And the back-room finaglers at City Hall are tinkering with an offer to split the $3 million or $4 million in tipping fees between the local community, Bernson's district and the city general funds with control in the hands of the downtown power structure.
Bailouts, more than start-ups, have been the main work of Japan's finaglers.
but with the trappings that come with it: the press, the pollsters, the poll watchers, the political fixers and finaglers, the consultants, the arrogant advice and the unshakable assumption that Americans have a droit du seigneur to go anywhere in the world and arrange everybody's life.
Somehow, cocaine addicts and sticky-fingered finaglers and double talkers are regarded as having the best interests of the community at heart.