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a deceiver who uses crafty misleading methods

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California Senate leader Burton, who represents much of the same San Francisco area in the state Senate that Pelosi represents in Congress (and is an old Pelosi ally besides), is arguably the most brilliant--and certainly the most progressive--legislative strategist and finagler in any legislature (Congress included) today.
For the past few weeks, Alexis has been following in the footsteps of some of the States' finest finaglers, but in NYC he takes on one of the trickiest forms of con there is: the proposition bet.
While some of the new concentrated wealth has indeed gone to people like Steve Jobs who invented very useful stuff, much of the increased largesse at the top went to the finaglers of Wall Street.
One way the financial finaglers got away with their derivative schemes was I to keep it all so complicated that the normal citizen, and congressperson, remained baffled and silent.
In an effort to cover the crime, most financial finaglers talk more than they should.