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  • verb

Synonyms for finagle

to make, achieve, or get through contrivance or guile

to take clever or cunning steps to achieve one's goals

Synonyms for finagle

achieve something by means of trickery or devious methods

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As for the lunch with Eleanor Roosevelt, Rattner, living in New York City at the time, finagled that encounter - all to impress a girl he was sweet on - by writing to the first lady and asking to spend the night at the White House.
I actually finagled my way in at 17 and a half instead of waiting for the 18th birthday, as was the legal requirement.
Despite our fleet tasking during COMPTUEX, our Ops O finagled a 4 v 2 A1C hop for us: two Hornets, two Tomcats, and our two TA-4J Skyhawks.
He told me he had finagled it from supplies usually reserved for Iraqi counterterrorist commandos.
There are a whole slew of slang words such as chill, dork, wuss, 24/7, and even butthead that have finagled their way into the fourth edition of the American Heritage College Dictionary.
Acting as a middleman, Antin finagled sort of a show for Baldessari in the fall of 1968: a one-weeker in the gap between two regularly scheduled exhibitions.
When one Fleet Street broadsheet was forced to admit none of its vast legions of senior, non-union executives had ever mastered shorthand, or typing, or the rudiments of English and had finagled their way to the top thanks to an ability to drink a litre of brandy while quoting Dashiell Hammett, the game was up.
George McDougall finagled a grant to the island from King George III, no less, McDougall built a house for his family and cleared some of the timberland.
The company has tweaked and futzed and finagled with the Expo concept for more than a decade, and it's just now ramping up its expansion plans.
But in 1980 he returned and once again finagled Warner into financing the start-up of a new label, called Geffen Records.
As the story goes, my father finagled his way backstage after a performance of the Harlem Dance Ensemble at the Apollo Theater and presented her with a black silk rose.
Through union connections, a job was finagled for my father as a stoker on a ship leaving for the United States.
Years later, as a congressman, the "would-be priest" also readily accepted a free ride in Philip Morris's jet aircraft, and finagled campaign contributions from business interests, occasionally in the most heavy-handed manner.
Donald Trump, who wooed Yokoi with plans for a Trump Tower Tokyo and finagled a share in the landmark's ownership, and his nemesis, Leona Helmsley, who held a -- share in the landmark's lease.