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relating to or characteristic of the end of a century (especially the end of the 19th century)

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289, 295) and the rise of feminism in fin-de-siecle France (pp.
John Merriman has written a significant book, vividly depicting the social and economic divisions in fin-de-siecle France and some of their political ramifications.
As usual, they enjoyed Tallis's work not only for his still-rewarding device of a psychoanalytic amateur detective but also for his meticulously detailed depiction of fin-de-siecle Vienna--which is delicious right down to the pastries.
Even onstage in singer-songwriter Duncan Sheik's new Broadway musical, Spring Awakening, which is based on a fin-de-siecle play about sexual coming of age, the kids are fully in command of their sexuality.
Mark Micale, certainly one of the best and most insightful writers on this period of the development of these fields in science, has now produced a truly valuable volume on the way that the arts and sciences of the fin-de-siecle interacted.
The guest speaker, Professor Ann Heilmann from Swansea University's English department, and the director of GENCAS, the Centre of Gender in Culture and Society, is a specialist in 19th and 20th century women's writing and gender discourses, especially the fin-de-siecle New Woman.
Montmartre's art and poetry were very much products of the tensions that marked the times, making it necessary first to situate the community within its fin-de-siecle, Parisian context.
He ensconced himself in the rarefied world of fin-de-siecle Parisian society, and then watched up close and in horror as his aristocratic friends fled the guillotine.
If you want to go down into the cellar of her fin-de-siecle house, just follow the voices.
It has an impressive historical breadth - its essays stretch from fin-de-siecle France to modem Australia to reach their conclusions.
Maybe his true project is to create a new fin-de-siecle expressionism for disaffected American youth.
Shakespeare and Race begins with Margo Hendricks "Surveying 'Race in Shakespeare" from a productive fin-de-siecle perspective that returns to archival studies such as Bernard Harris's "A Portrait of a Moor" (1958) and literary histories such as G.
For 18 months, architects and builders have gutted and painted the mansion, a jewel of fin-de-siecle architecture between a Communist-era apartment building and the Ukrainian embassy.
Her dissertation is tentatively titled, "Vagaries of Marxism and Modernity: the Fin-de-siecle Generation of Angst and Revolution in Poland, 19 18-1968.
More importantly, he has captured the tone of Wilde's arch, ironic voice at its most fin-de-siecle, and delivered a slender book that reads as if it had been meant as a novel all along.