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large flat-headed whalebone whale having deep furrows along the throat

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Mr Clasper said: "Sophie and I were on the starboard side of the bridge routinely scanning and about 600m away a fin whale rose to the surface appearing to try to log before it dived.
Baleen whales, also known as mysticetes, are the largest animals on earth, and include blue whales, minke whales, right whales, gray whales and fin whales, Khaleej Times reported.
The 14-meter long fin whale was found dead on the shores of Failaka Island on Saturday.
When Tokyo retailer Michinoku Farm began selling dog chews made from fin whales, company president Takumo Konno never thought the offering would anger customers.
The fin whale is on the "red list" of threatened species issued by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
However, Japan self awards its own whaling quota, and this year has allocated itself up to 935 Minke Whales and 50 Fin Whales to be caught and killed in the Antarctic.
The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) said from the description it is a young fin whale and maybe sick or starving.
RARE sightings of humpback or fin whales have been reported off the coast of Anglesey.
The authors estimate that it would cost $13,000 to buy the life of a minke whale and $85,000 for a fin whale.
The old whalebones came from a 113-ton Fin Whale, killed in the Weddell Sea in the Antarctic by the Norwegian whaling ship Thorshovdi.
Following its discovery at around 1pm on Tuesday rescuers tried to save the two-tonne creature, believed to be either a sei or a fin whale, by refloating it with a special inflatible cradle.
Greenpeace activists tried to block a ship carrying fin whale meat bound for Japan for more than seven hours Friday, chaining themselves to the ship's mooring ropes at Rotterdam port, the Netherlands.
The biggest was a fin whale on mudflats near Newport.
The vessel apparently struck the 70ft fin whale in Alaskan waters and carried it back to Vancouver.