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thin projections forming a fringe (especially around the ovarian end of the Fallopian tube)

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Main veins are sinuous, craspedodromous to the fimbrial vein; intervening venation is reticulate with irregular polygonal areoles having frequent freely ending veinlets.
In summary we report a very rare case of bilateral inflamed fimbrial cysts which were identified and excised during laparotomy for an acute abdomen.
These studies suggest that a fimbrial vaccine may modulate the colonization patterns of bacteria in the oral cavity," Mergenhagen says.
Since the fimbria are thought to be the site of origin for many serous carcinomas, removing the fimbrial portion of the tube is crucial.
A 5-component (Ptx, Prn, Fha, fimbrial antigen [Fim] 2, and Fim3) ACV is used for short periods in some regions (1).
Thermal damage to the tubal fimbrial epithelium can lead to the appearance of a stratified, cellular epithelium.
Their topics include typing phages and prophages of Salmonella, high-throughput screening to determine the genetic requirements for Salmonella survival under different growth conditions, the small RNAs of Salmonella, fimbrial signature arrangements, Salmonella-secreted virulence factors, the intracellular lifestyle of Salmonella enterica and novel approaches to understanding the adaptation to life within the Salmonella-containing vacuole, Salmonella biofilms from food to human disease, and a progress report on Salmonella as the paradigm for the bacterial therapy of cancer.
Second, the duplex-PCR test, which was established according to the difference in the major fimbrial subunit genes fedA between the F18ab and F18ac variants (Imberechts et al.
aeruginosa twitching motility proteins or the type 4 fimbrial biogenesis proteins such PilI, PilG, and PilH and the methyl transferase PilK are encoded by a set of Pil gene cluster (8).
Electron micrographic evidence suggests that cranberry juice acts on the cell wall preventing proper attachment of the fimbrial submits or as a genetic control preventing the expression of normal fimbrial subunits or both Design: P-fimbriated E.
looped and forming a fimbrial or intramarginal vein.
A left-sided, tubal pregnancy located at the unruptured fimbrial end, which had progressed to term, was found at laparotomy.
Other supporting evidence is provided by testing for the Fersinia-like fimbrial (YLF) gene by YLF PCR.
Callahan et al (15) reported that 7 of 122 patients who had undergone RRSO had malignancy at the time of prophylactic surgery, all originating in the fimbrial or distal end of the fallopian tube.
Characterization of porcine intestinal receptors for the K88ac fimbrial adhesin of Escherichia coli as mucin-type sialoglycoproteins.