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thin projections forming a fringe (especially around the ovarian end of the Fallopian tube)

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Labro con proceso distal redondeado (Pd) y con fimbria corta y poco abundante (F) (Fig.
Intraepithelial carcinoma of the fimbria and pelvic serous carcinoma: evidence for a causal relationship.
Larval and juvenile growth of sablefish, Anoplopoma fimbria, as determined from otolith increments.
Crum CP, Drapkin R, Kindelberger D, Medeiros F, Miron A, Lee Y Lessons from BRCA: the tubal fimbria emerges as an origin for pelvic serous cancer.
6) proposed that a strain would be defined as ExPEC if it possessed at least two of the following VFs: P fimbria (papA and/or papC), S and/or F1C fimbria (sfa/ foc), adhesins of the AFA-DR family (afa/dra), type II capsule (kpsMT II), and aerobactin (iucA/ iutA) (6).
Larvae of Anoplopoma fimbria (Scorpaeniformes: Anoplopomatidae) occur from off the coast of California to the Bering Sea, with a peak in abundance from May to August (Kendall and Matarese 1987).
Minor fimbriae are comprised of minor fimbria protein subunits (Mfa1) encoded by the mfa1 gene (14); these fimbriae measure from 3.
schmiedeknechti Magretti, 1883, which differs in having a dark anal fimbria and a black haired frons, whereas A.
Peritoneal shunt for hydrocephalus utilizing the fimbria of the fallopian tube for entrance to the peritoneal cavity.
I woke, and sank back, and you were lying on a desk, like a fancy deckled scalloped stationery envelope, and a letter was being pulled out, and put back and pulled out like those tabs in children's pop-up books, and the letter said isthmus , infundibulum, fimbria.
The ruptured right ovarian ectopic pregnancy showing no connection with the fimbria and in size of 4x3 cm was detected during laparoscopy.
The smallest one is a so-called 'selfish plasmid' carrying only two genes, one of which encodes a DNA replication protein, the other carrying the aggregative adherence fimbria I (AAF/I) gene cluster, which is associated with E.
Among the fiber tracts that are evident in the normal fetal brain are the corpus callosum; the fimbria, a band of white matter along the edge of the hippocampus; the fornix, a bundle of fibers that connects the hippocampus on either side of the brain and then projects down and back toward the thalamus; and the fasciculus retroflexus, which consists of major output fibers of the forebrain.
This strain and an identical strain without fimbria were tested in infant rabbits; only the fimbriated strain was virulent.