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the process whereby fluids pass through a filter or a filtering medium

the act of changing a fluid by passing it through a filter

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14 In the early stage of DN, the increase of glomeruli filtration pressure, the reduction of negative charges on filtration membrane and changes of gaping holes induce the increased filtration of proteins, activation of lysosome and increase of urinary NAG.
In early-stage, hyperglycaemia- induced impairment of the glomerulus filtration membrane, including podocytes and the glomeruli basement membrane (GBM), could lead to the occurrence of proteinuria.
The modular design of Reco-CIP system means that cleaning the filtration membrane is straightforward.
Because the A19 tubular module is a crossflow filtration membrane, it tolerant of high levels of suspended solids and minimal or no prefiltration is required.
Insulation: Floor Standing, Ultra Filtration Membrane, Auto Flushing System, Force Convection Air Cooled, Filter Cartridge- Sediment And Carbon Block Filter And Uf, Membrane Type Percent U2013 Thin Film Composite Ro, 755 Btu/Hr Cooling Capacity.
US conglomerate 3M will acquire Polypore s filtration membrane business for a further $1 billion.
Pall's proprietary Polyethersulfone filtration membrane is formed into a high surface area cartridge with Pall's Ultipleat(R) technology.
Tenders are invited for Supply of ultra filtration membranes at barauni refinery
Non-chemical treatment methods, such as filtration membranes and solar disinfection, are being implemented, but inactivation or removal of pathogens over long periods remains a challenge.
Major forces driving the demand for sulfone polymers across the globe include their growing usage in automotive, aerospace, medical and filtration membranes.
Toray Industries is looking to the growth markets of Asia and the Middle East to swell its business of filtration membranes for water treatment, aiming to double annual sales in this sector to $808mn by 2020.
The system is based on the firm's Ultra Filtration membranes and includes pre-treatment and a de-watering unit to further decrease the amount of harmful waste water to be handled
has introduced filtration membranes for vent filters used in single-use biopharmaceutical applications.
Rather than using pressure to force particles through, the system uses an electric current to move small peptides--which in normal pH can develop positive and negative charges -through a stacked series of filtration membranes.
Dow Water & Process Solutions offers a portfolio of ion exchange resins, reverse osmosis membranes, ultra filtration membranes and is a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:DOW).