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the process whereby fluids pass through a filter or a filtering medium

the act of changing a fluid by passing it through a filter

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As an extracellular matrix component of the glomerular filtration barrier, the GBM acts as a size-selective and charge-selective physical filter barrier.
Childhood nephrotic syndrome (NS) (3) is associated with an increase in the permeability across the glomerular filtration barrier due to processes that affect the dynamics and permselectivity of the glomerular filtration barrier.
Overflow proteinuria occurs when small molecular light chains escape the glomerular filtration barrier and overwhelm the tubular reabsorptive capacity.
The patients who had renal decline in the absence of an impaired glomerular filtration barrier (no elevated levels of albumin, IgG, or fibronectin) did not differ from the patients with stable renal function with regard to clinical characteristics such as hemoglobin [A.
The multilayered pond contains a natural filtration barrier of volcanic rock: as water falls from the upper levels to the lower ones, the bacteria living in the rock digest particles of fish waste and other toxins.
The filtration barrier is composed of three layers that allow for the filtration of solutes (eg.