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Synonyms for filtrate

the product of filtration

remove by passing through a filter

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The new steam cleaner machines include vacuum power, our latest filtrating technology and other options such as gum removal and sanitization.
The reason could be the turbidity of the first litres of filtrated water, which was noticed when the process of filtrating was not stable and finer particles were used for the filter media.
BRAINTEASERS 1 1 NO GIRL, ALIEN'S DNA (X-Filer) 2 A FILTRATING HOLLY (Made a name in Eastenders) 3 WITH A GRILLING (Portrays a bipolar disorder sufferer in EastEnders) INITIALLY YOURS Which film, TV programme or musical number do these initials stand for?
This type of surgery is a filtrating surgical technique where the eye's anterior chamber remains intact resulting in fewer complications than during traditional surgical techniques.
Have someone else clean the litter box and make sure it's placed away from air filtrating intake vents in your home if you have forced air heating and/or central air conditioning.