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Synonyms for filtrate

the product of filtration

remove by passing through a filter

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5 mL filtrate added into flask and diluted with 3 mL of distilled H2 O and then 5 mL of standard tanuric acid was added.
On the other hand, the stability of the filtrate in different pH was tested by adding different amount of acetic acid or NaOH.
The cucumber cotyledons from 5-day-old plants were excised in dim green light, weighed and uniformly floated in 7-cm Petri dishes containing 5 mL of culture filtrate.
05 for the type of fungus filtrate and concentration, and the higher the concentration of raw filtrates of the fungi, the more influence inhibitory on the growth of pathogenic fungus in different periods of time for incubation .
These extracts, prepared from liquid culture, from liquid culture filtrate, and from plated culture, were tested at 1 [micro]g [ml.
A field trial was conducted to investigate the herbicidal potential of culture filtrates of four Drechslera spp.
pe filtrate containing cleaned up residues were analyzed prough HPLC.
Mycelia and culture filtrate were treated separately to increase the culture scale of the strain selected by TLC.
Other times, a cloudy filtrate may be recycled back to the filter until the product cake is thick enough to act as a finer filter media, blocking all of the un-dissolved product from going through the regular filter media.
The contents of flasks were then filtered and the filtrate was used for enzyme assay (Haq et al.
a saccharomyces silicon ferment; a yeast extract prepared from a saccharomyces calcium ferment; ubiquinone; azurite; and leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate.
Sio darbo tikslas yra ivertinti savartyno filtrate susidarancius kalcio, anglies ir suspenduotuju daleliu kiekius bei kitas filtrato savybes, turincias didziausia itaka minetu parametru pokyciams.