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Synonyms for filtrate

the product of filtration

remove by passing through a filter

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Mycelia and culture filtrate were treated separately to increase the culture scale of the strain selected by TLC.
Once the solid and liquid are separated by applying gas pressure (usually nitrogen), it is important to remove the residual filtrate and wash out any impurities.
t]--oil concentration in the filtrate at each time interval, mg/L.
Siekiant nustatyti skendinciuju medziagu kieki filtrate, pirmiausia imama po du 200 ml turio bandinius is kiekvieno butelio.
9 n Difference, % Stability Acidified unfiltered plasma Day 7 4 9 Day 14 3 4 Filtrate Day 7 2 17 Day 14 2 -8 Day 21 8 1 Day 28 4 -4 (a) Control material, calibrators, and a plasma pool were analyzed (n = 20) for intraassay precision.
At the same time the filtrate is aspirated off from the rear of this membrane, transferred to the sample injection valve of the ion chromatograph and then injected.
The tubes were centrifuged for 30-60 s, and the filtrate was discarded.
Contract notice: Transport of sludge from the treatment plant to the treatment plant 55576 55459 grolsheim welgesheim, sludge dewatering with a mobile sludge dewatering facility at the wwtp 55576 welgesheim with subsequent recycling of dewatered sludge and return transport of the resulting filtrate water to the treatment plant 55459 grolsheim.
The traditional approach has been to measure the charge of either whitewater or of filtrate collected from thin-stock in the approach flow to the headbox.
Although this is a labor-intensive manual procedure, most readers will probably not recall the diacetyl monoxime method it largely replaced, which required heating a serum filtrate in strong sulfuric acid in a boiling water bath for 20 min.
Inhibitors of SGLT-1 suppress absorption of glucose from the gut, while SGLT-2 inhibitors block the reabsorptoin of glucose from the renal filtrate.
To answer this question, these researchers determined the AOX and OCI content and the filtrate from the first D stage was also stored for 10 days, and the AOX levels were determined again.
The use of VSEP reverse osmosis filtrate as a source of drinking water for pigs was recently studied at Ridgetown College, University of Guelph in Ontario Canada.
LDL passed freely through the filter, and an LDL-containing filtrate was recovered from the outer tube.
Repeat formation testing near the base of the interpreted oil column at 4,898 feet recovered a sample of oil and mud filtrate.