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Synonyms for filter

Synonyms for filter

an electrical device that alters the frequency spectrum of signals passing through it

remove by passing through a filter

run or flow slowly, as in drops or in an unsteady stream

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14 to 3 cu ft and filterless loaders with capacities to 4 cu ft.
Dual Cyclone design and has filterless and filtered models.
Keith Brown, Team Manager Asset Management at Fife Council, said: Following our long term relationship with EnviroVent and the installation of Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) units and thousands of Filterless Fans over the years, we decided to specify EnviroVent s heatSava to enhance the energy efficiency of these homes.
What I expect to find when I land is a scene out of Bugsy Malone; ideally without the Prohibition bit: Shady Al Capone-like characters, sassy soul singers named Tallulah, dark suits and shades, filterless cigarettes, fat cigars.
Universal Dynamics showed its recently developed PureFlo filterless vacuum receiver (see Jan.
This golf cart boasts high quality performance and comfort with an engine that includes a filterless oil system, maintenance-free rack-and-pinion steering, low maintenance internal disc brake system, and all terrain tires designed to drive up and down the hills and valleys of a golf course.
Akida Holdings USA, a global specialist in clean air technology, has, through their partner Fakhruddin Holdings, signed an exclusive distribution deal with Max Electronics LLC, part of Landmark Group, to distribute in the GCC region Akida's flagship Airocide, a filterless air purification product which the promoters explained comes from a technology developed by Nasa and approved by the US' FDA.
Firstly, the company will introduce visitors to its new filterless vacuum receivers, called PureFlo, which it says are designed for all those applications where cleanliness and maintenance are key factors for the consistency of the process.
Occupants in both the MERV 6 and filterless scenarios were exposed to 1 order of magnitude inhaled dose higher than that of the MERV 13 filter scenario because the MERV 13 filter is 5 times more efficient than the MERV 6 filter for 1 um particles.
He asks to smoke filterless Marlboro Red cigarettes after eating a final meal of lengua asada steak, fried okra, a baked potato, a salad with Ranch dressing and a glass of whole milk with ice.
A Greek with a huge head of wiry hair, he strolled the lecture hall, wreathed in cigarette smoke, lighting one filterless Lucky after another.
However, security sources told the CNA that the fact that two filterless cigarettes believed to belong to Haidar were found on the airport's runway indicated that he was fully aware of the task he would undertake rather than mentally disordered.
These authors suggested that the interaction could be due to immunosuppression caused by tobacco smoking, inhibition of arsenic methylation, or the prevalent smoking of bidis, the filterless, locally produced cigarettes with raw tobacco, Bidis are popular in rural areas in Bangladesh and are claimed to contain more carcinogenic substances than do cigarettes.
He kissed me on the lips, then gave me a filterless cigarette.
He said: "Everybody thought I smoked herbal cigarettes but they were real filterless Woodbines.