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Synonyms for filter

Synonyms for filter

an electrical device that alters the frequency spectrum of signals passing through it

remove by passing through a filter

run or flow slowly, as in drops or in an unsteady stream

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Other connection filtering techniques include reverse lookups, verifying computer names and verifying the from email address.
A filtering program takes time to scan at least a portion of each message to compare it with each filter rule.
Recognized as the global leader in the OEM anti-spam market, the Mail-Filters(TM) technology is currently deployed with over 30,000 enterprise customers, filtering millions of mailboxes, in over 100 countries and supporting over 30 languages.
Therefore, these high heat capacity filters are typically located adjacent to the spree when filtering carbon and low alloy steels resulting in less than optimized filtration.
Consistent Filtering Experience -- Automatically senses when the laptop or device returns to the network and defers to normal network filtering
This leads to inadequate filtering, as well as inclusions from the fractured filter itself
Singlefin has been hosting e-mail and security services since 2001 and already operates the largest e-mail filtering service in the world with more than 5 billion messages analyzed daily through its patented reputation filters.
With Stelex PrO filters, which do not require the elevated pouring temperatures, we are able to consider inline filtering applications, and have done so with considerable success," said Hoff.
SAN DIEGO -- 8e6 Technologies, a security company dedicated to Internet filtering and reporting, today announced the general availability of its new endpoint filtering solution, 8e6 Client, for the K-12 market.
Alternatively, the filter may have created such films in its filtering action, which naturally involves the repeated separation and recombining of flowing streams on a microscale.
The results of a competition just released by Internet filtering and reporting company, 8e6 Technologies, revealed that while some corporate employees may be minding the store -- it's sometimes their own, not the company's.
It involves filtering a molten aluminum sample (of a known amount) under pressure through an ultrafine filter, resulting in a buildup of solid inclusions on the filter surface.
8e6 Technologies, a security company dedicated to Internet filtering and reporting, today announced new features that provide finer levels of Web access control, enhanced filtering enforcement capabilities, continuous protection against Web-based attacks and hardware failure detection alerts.