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Synonyms for filter

Synonyms for filter

an electrical device that alters the frequency spectrum of signals passing through it

remove by passing through a filter

run or flow slowly, as in drops or in an unsteady stream

References in classic literature ?
She waited, in the silence which followed, her eyes fixed upon the light that filtered down through the lofty boughs and bathed the great redwood trunks in mellow warmth.
The air was cold in the bright sun that filtered through the freshly washed leaves.
Environmental watchdogs said Monday that 15 years of water-quality testing at the Santa Susana Field Lab should be thrown out because the samples were filtered before being tested for radioactivity.
As of late 2003, the Brooklyn Public Library, one of three public library systems in New York City, had not filtered the Internet either.
Even clog-sensitive, high-pressure cleaning showers have been using this filtered white water without incident for nearly 3 years.
Since the effectiveness of filters varies based on airflow, the size of the room and of the particles to be filtered, and how quickly the filtering mechanism needs to be replaced, compare filter efficiencies before investing.
When implementing the filters at Twin City Die Casting, the differences between the used oil that was filtered and the oil that was unfiltered were noticeably different, even to the naked eye (figure 1).
So, if foam filters reduce defect rates so effectively, why aren't all aluminum castings filtered this way?
The output of this filter system is fed into an Andrew branch combiner in which the filtered DTV signal is combined with the Channel 14 NTSC signal onto a common line.
Depending upon the casting buyer's specifications and cost considerations, the optimum filtered gating design may be the one that produces the best quality steel casting (fewest inclusions), or it may be the one that produces the host yield.
0, can couple to the parallel port, causing high-frequency emissions if not properly filtered.
This choke situation occurs when the filter's pores begin to clog with the contaminants being filtered out, and the total flow area decreases.