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Synonyms for filter

Synonyms for filter

an electrical device that alters the frequency spectrum of signals passing through it

remove by passing through a filter

run or flow slowly, as in drops or in an unsteady stream

References in classic literature ?
And so she led him through winding corridors of gloom, until finally they came to a small chamber into which a little light filtered through a stone grating in the ceiling.
Rumors of the new and curious things which were occurring in the invalid's apartments had of course filtered through the servants' hall into the stable yards and out among the gardeners, but notwithstanding this, Mr.
And then the light filtered in, not through the window, which remained black, but through a triangular aperture between a beam and a heap of broken bricks in the wall behind us.
The woods filtered men and the fields became dotted.
Pale-golden and vermilion orchids flaunted their unhealthy blossoms in the golden, dripping sunshine that filtered through the matted roof.
He wondered where she had got that item of etiquette, and whether it had filtered down from above and was all right.
Environmental watchdogs said Monday that 15 years of water-quality testing at the Santa Susana Field Lab should be thrown out because the samples were filtered before being tested for radioactivity.
As of late 2003, the Brooklyn Public Library, one of three public library systems in New York City, had not filtered the Internet either.
Even clog-sensitive, high-pressure cleaning showers have been using this filtered white water without incident for nearly 3 years.