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an air filter on the end of a cigarette

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The launch helped boost Swan's already market-leading share in the filter tip market from 83.
Unlike any other e-cigarette on the market today, NJOY Kings have the same size and similar weight of a traditional cigarette, has a soft paper feel and squeezable filter tip.
Cigar smokers are at risk of getting mouth and throat cancer and will also absorb a lot more tar than if they smoked cigarettes as there is no filter tip.
Drawing deeply on his filter tip, the long-time master of the handicap plot walked back and forth, soothing Silver and her family, and confirming that watching the race had been hard enough.
For instance, a customer doing molecular diagnostic work like RT-PCR detection of SARS CoV can select a fully programmable electronic pipette along with a certified PCR clean filter tip to assure accuracy, reproducibility and eliminate any possibility of cross-contamination.
The filter tip loomed into view after I had carried several bulky items of junk to the skip.
2 micron the vent independent of the position of the filter tip of Luer-Lock.
Any laboratory short on funds or looking to spend their remaining grant money will benefit from this universal pipette filter tip promotion.
Fresh Smoke is a cool mint-flavored gel, specially formulated for use on all brands of cigarette filters, which smokers apply directly to the cigarette filter tip to freshen breath and flavor smoke as it is inhaled.
Zig-Zag recently launched Extra Slim Filter Tip Rods.
Of course, people who smoke cigarettes should try even harder to stop smoking for while spontaneous combustion is a rarity, death by filter tip is a strong possibility.
Dr Kendall, from Leeds, says his new wonder cigarette lets smokers ingest a combination of folic acid and vitamins C and B12 through the filter tip.
The activity coincides with the launch of Extra Slim Filter Tip Rods.
He had a filter tip stuck behind his ear, ready for his next fix.
DANISH inventor Kaj Jensen has invented the world's first self-extinguishing cigarette which has a small ampoule of water buried near the filter tip.