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a porous unsized paper used for filtering

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Before use in assays, nitrocellulose membrane papers were washed with DW and were then air-dried, whereas GF/C filter papers were washed with DW and then dried at 160[degrees]C.
Now open out your filter paper and you will have the shape of a pair of butterfly wings.
Some of its sustainable product developments have been on producing filter paper made from abaca fibers.
Spectral reflectance data for non aged and aged filter papers soaked in surface active agent (SAA) solution are presented at Fig.
The purpose of this paper was to examine the surfactants influence on the optical characteristics of filter paper made only from virgin fibres and of photocopy paper made from recycled fibres.
32-cm (1/8-inch) punch from each newborn blood spot on Schleicher & Schuell 903 filter paper was placed in a microtiter well, as were appropriate controls.
The filter paper is provided in an index card size, which makes it possible to store several hundred samples at room temperature in a volume the size of a shoebox.
Only the filter papers removed from the adult rats contained CS-PG, they found.
The upgrade will convert a conventional flat wire paper machine to a specialized inclined wire paper machine, which is required to manufacture tea and coffee filter papers as well as other technical specialties and composite laminates.
Tenders are invited for Supply of filter papers at cmpdi, ri-v, bilaspur (cg).
The tea filter papers are generally used to make double-chambered or single-chambered bags, but also come in other attractive formats.
We collected whole-blood specimens from 20 volunteers and spotted them on filter papers (Schleicher & Schuell no.
The Lydney mill produces a broad portfolio of wet laid nonwoven products, including tea and coffee filter papers, clean room wipes, lens tissue, dye filter paper, double-sided adhesive tape substrates and battery grid pasting tissue.
Molecular biology kits, Paper Bags, Selfing Bags, Germination Paper & Filter Papers, Gunny Bags & HDPE Bags etc.
Ltd (ZPM) will commence production of tea and coffee bag filter papers for the beverage industry this month.