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a porous unsized paper used for filtering

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In contrast, applying bacteria on filter paper or agar removed 80% of n-hexadecane and 55% of naphthalene.
We then extended the study to include a "real-time" application of the FTA method of collection and storage of specimens for DNA analysis by comparing the results of PCR testing for immunoglobulin heavy chain (IgH) gene rearrangements with DNA prepared from fresh cell suspensions with the results obtained with DNA extracted from specimen-impregnated FTA Gene Guard filter paper that had been stored at room temperature for various lengths of time.
Therefore, we submitted the filter paper spray cards to a laboratory for analysis of malathion concentration.
Though many teabag producers have historically favored branding on the tag rather than paper, filter paper branding is gaining momentum among tea brand owners.
We use a type of filter paper routinely used for body fluid sample collection, transport, and archiving for various analyses (2).
Collect rain water in a plastic bucket and then pour the water through a coffee filter paper.
A few drops of her blood are collected onto a special filter paper from a finger prick, the filter paper is then sent to the lab in a prepaid envelope.
He's developing filter paper that would remove caffeine from coffee during brewing.
One year later, Dexter invented the first tea bag filter paper and patented the heatsealing process nine years later.
The filter paper and beaker's contents are completely dried in a laboratory oven at 220-230F for several hours.
Upon completion of the upgrade, Glatfelter will have enhanced its overall capacity for the business unit by more than 4% over 2008 projected capacity levels and will have increased its tea and coffee filter paper capacity by 18% over 2008 projected capacity levels.
Limited tenders are invited for Filter paper for tornos cnc oj/5873, filter paper for tornos cnc oj/5874
8-million-square-foot facility solve its final roadblock to achieve landfill-free status: separating a mucky mixture of metal, filter paper and oil produced by a machine that cuts metal for fuel injector and manifold components.
Some of its sustainable product developments have been on producing filter paper made from abaca fibers.