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filter consisting of a layer of sand or gravel for filtering water

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The tree planting, reed planting for the filter bed system and the measures to improve the local habitat will also be completed by the end of this month.
The immobilization of silver on activated carbon limits growth of bacteria within a carbon filter bed, due to its bacteriostatic quality.
The main components of the system consist of a pyrolyzer, an ionizer, filter bed module and superheater.
Filter Bed -- This type of filtration system is comprised of a bed made up of either inert or active aggregrates.
Tenders are invited for replacement of filter media to o&m, khanapuram filter bed in khammam municipal corporation
Tenders are invited for Providing And Laying 150 Mm Di Pipe From Chitrakut Pump House To Filter Bed Dasarathpur Under Sd-I, Apwd, Cd-I, Rangat In Lieu Of Replacement Of Existing 100 Mm Dia Gi Pumping Main By Providing 100 Mm Di Pipe From Pump House To Filter Bed From Chitrakut Pump House To Dasarathpur Filter Bed.
Filter beds of size 20 feet dia each taking our of all layer filter media and replacing in the filter bed after cleaning, screening and washing and all other works contingent thereto
Tenders are invited for Construction of slab on clear water suction well and raising of houdies rcc slab taking top layer filter media from filter bed of size 26 ft dia 4 no filter bed of screening washing strenthening and renojavated in proper layer to filter beds at water works bahu akbarpur
Tenders are invited for Re organisation of water supply pipe lines from srp 1 filter bed to srp air shaft at ch 6105 and from srp 1 air shaft filter bed to srp-ocp at ch: 6380 in srirampur area, adilabad (dt), t.