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the production of movies

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In Canada, where the documentary was once the only filmmaking game in town, old--guard media types persist in sanctifying it as the sole honest and virtuous genre, the antidote to Hollywood's pretty poisons.
This workshop focuses on the many production techniques used in traditional filmmaking and how to accomplish them with Avid Xpress Pro software.
Thanks to Young's Du Art Film Laboratories, founded by his filmmaking father, numerous independent movies have since made it onto the big screen.
Coproduced with Alexandra Raffe, shot by Peter Mettler and starring Linda Griffiths, this short is, in retrospect, a veritable who's who of Canadian filmmaking.
American film technique owes much to French filmmaking.
During this six-week, hands-on workshop, students learn the fundamentals of filmmaking while making their own short fiction or documentary film in a supportive, collaborative environment.
In the early days of amateur filmmaking after World War II, Gilmore said, films were shot on 16-millimeter film, and later 8-millimeter sound.
He [Fulford] was saying if this is filmmaking in Canada, then there should be no filmmaking.
What is so powerful in filmmaking is its ability to represent true emotions.
Hosted on DivX Stage6[TM] -- an online video sharing community site -- the contest invites veteran professionals and aspiring independent filmmakers to make their mark on the next generation of filmmaking.
He just handed Clive a steering wheel and got into the whole green-screen filmmaking, which is very different for a guy who's used to real-for-real, shoot-on-film.
The immediacy of his invention was most apparent when he seized on the chaotic exigencies of low-budget filmmaking to enrich the atmospheric density of the art he was creating before the camera.
The explosion of film festivals worldwide also demonstrates the market's want of this type of filmmaking.