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Filmmaker and DFI artistic adviser Elia Suleiman said: "Having Lucrecia and Naomi give master classes at Qumra is very compelling because they both possess what it takes to be Masters of cinema -- a unique sensibility and cinematic prowess - yet they are young enough to connect and be in the close proximity of the cinematic experience of the young generation of filmmakers who will participate at Qumra.
The call for entries for filmmakers to join the Abu Dhabi delegation is open to all emerging and professional Emirati Directors and Producers.
The independent filmmakers and foreign filmmakers don't only not have that access, they're not even aware that the studios have that access.
We are incredibly excited for her,'' said Miles Beckett, a 28-year-old from Woodland Hills who was one of three aspiring filmmakers who made Rose the unlikely star.
Apart from the very first one he made, they were all shot indoors, in stripped-down studios, in which the dominant human presence, when there is one, is the filmmaker himself.
A highlight of the 2005 festival was Revisiting Great Brittain, a two-day celebration of Canada's most renowned documentary filmmaker, Donald Brittain.
Veteran filmmaker Youssef Chahine's 1997 film The Destiny marked a major attempt to counter the rise of religious fundamentalism.
What's needed both from filmmakers and the financiers is the courage to step out of the box of the typical development and distribution models and simply stay the course.
In Shakespeare Remains, Courtney Lehman establishes a connection between Shakespeare as an early modern dramatist and contemporary filmmakers adapting his plays for the cinema through an examination of their respective historical relationships to the postmodern notion of the "Death of the Author" (2).
Douglas Rosenberg is a filmmaker who has worked with dancers since the 1980s and has shown his films all over the world.
WHEN INDEPENDENT FILMMAKER CARL SEATON RAISED MONEY from investors in his native Chicago, he had the same dream as many other would-be Spike Lees--transforming his vision into Hollywood glory.
In fact these new directors have created such an impressive body of work that critic Richard Grenier noted in Commentary (April 1994) that "China has now completely usurped the place of Japan as the most prestigious filmmaker in the Far East.
If there were ever a prototypic black woman filmmaker with a "black feminist" sensibility avant la lettre, it was Kathleen Collins.