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the personnel of the film industry

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As Bolt travels west of the Midwest, the film anticipates its return home to filmland.
These communists had been the moral center of filmland, the bourgeois ever-living ever-loving family center, or at least in combine with the analysts they had been, and they had striven to make box-office pictures about social problems with middleclass answers.
He's probably best known, though, for editing Famous Monsters of Filmland, the 1960s genre fan magazine that influenced everyone from Steven Spielberg to Stephen King.
In the early 1960s I started to buy whatever copies I could find of an American magazine, Famous Monsters of Filmland.
Committed to the antinuclear movement, Hamilton took aim: He overlaid elements drawn from a cover of the magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland showing Claude Rains as the Phantom of the Opera onto a photographic enlargement of a newspaper picture of Gaitskell.
Richard Hamilton's Portrait of Hugh Gaitskell as a Monster of Filmland from 1964 and Keith Piper's You are Now Entering Mau Mau tapestry shows how art can be of its time.
Fight guru Freddie Roach, whose Wild Card gym is in the heart of filmland, has been called up to prepare Oscar de la Hoya for 2007's fight of the year against pound-for-pound standout Floyd Mayweather in May.
Tierra de exageraciones y de apodos -movieland, filmland, starland-, tierra por ella misma devorada, desarraigada, situada en la orilla de azul y oro de un continente inmenso, banada por el oceano mas extenso y ajena a cualquier convulsion terrenal, dejando que el fragor y la provocacion mueran en su umbral.
For Martin's mates, however, there was a glimpse of the filmland lifestyle when they went to the movie premiere.
Consequently, he has been responsible for a remarkable sequence of carefully pondered and crafted works, with titles like Adonis in Y Fronts (1962), Portrait of Hugh Gaitskell as a Famous Monster of Filmland (1964), and, more recently, The Citizen (1982-83) and The Orangeman (1988-90).
His distaste for the commercialism and corruption in filmland is evident in The Big Knife (1948).
To most people, serving as the mayor of a pocket-size resort town seems rather dull in comparison to Eastwood's status as a filmland superstar.
Guest stars include Dirk Benedict and Richard Hatch from Battlestar Galactica, Linda Harrison from Planet of the Apes, Marc Goddard from Lost In Space, and Jim Warren, Publisher of Famous Monsters of Filmland Collectors and Vampirella.
Back in next generation filmland we discovered our second mistake.