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ANSI/AIIM MS23-xxxx Practice for Operational Procedures/ Inspection and Quality Control of First Generation, Silver Microfilm of Documents describes, in detail, how to inspect silver-based film images of camera original microfilm for various types of filming and other defects.
First, they had heard Sidney Furie was filming a feature, A Dangerous Age, on the streets of Toronto.
In recent years, live bears and Elvis impersonators have been employed to encourage filming in places like Idaho and Memphis.
While Haskell Wexler was filming Latino in Nicaragua in 1984, at the same time we were shooting Destination Nicaragua, he had film confiscated by customs officials which, when finally returned, was blank.
Another means has been the turning of the lens on the camera's turret while filming or positioning the lens so that its curve is visible in the frame.
The Scorpion King's producer Richard Rothschild said the FCF program reimbursed Universal Pictures nearly $160,000 for filming at such Southern California locations as Malibu Creek State Park, Bronson Canyon, Rocky Peak Park, Buttercup Valley and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.
I couldn't talk about any of the people I was filming with anyone else.
The behind-the-scenes filming will follow the would-be directors from pitch through production for an upcoming project.
During the filming of the latter, the sultry actress became romantically involved with musician-filmmaker Lewis Furey, who eventually directed her in Night Magic, a fantasy film written by Leonard Cohen.
Roger Corman, who will look at new filming sites in Sweden this summer, is the producer of more than 550 films and director of 50 others.
Among those are Cinematographer Denis Maloney, who made his break-out film, Dreamworks, "The Contender", in the middle of filming THE STREETSWEEPER, but returned to complete the indie film, and Composer Brahm Wenger, who is now credited with more than a dozen films for Warner Brothers and Disney.
Our filming experience in Jacksonville was outstanding in large part due to the support of the community, local cast and crew, Jacksonville Film & Television Office and city officials," said, Todd Robinson, director and writer of Lonely Hearts.