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That same year he filmed a naked woman with a tape recorder (Documentary Footage; also not to be shown at the Whitney this season), first asking a series of questions about her body, then answering them.
For the movie, "A Simple Plan," which was filmed in Minnesota in the winter, producers purchased $2 million in coverage from an undisclosed insurer to hedge against two contingencies: a blizzard, which would hamper production; and a lack of snow, Moraga said.
From his earliest to his most recent films, Beavers has combined an exacting formal examination of camera movement and framing with richly filmed depictions of people and places encountered in his nomadic life.
Filmed on location in and around Toronto, The Ivy League Killers isn't nearly as had as its troubled history might suggest.
Since the early 1900s, numerous films and television shows have been filmed in the Santa Clarita Valley.
The listening-in sequences are some of the most transcendent and introspective ever filmed.
Alex Garland first paired with director Danny Boyle and producer Andrew Macdonald when they filmed the screen version of his first novel "The Beach," and again in 2003 for the blockbuster hit "28 DAYS LATER.
But this first-person approach had already made its way into his early films, beginning with Tchad 1: L'embuscade (Chad 1: The ambush, 1970), an extraordinary twelve-minute account of an attack on Chadian rebels not only filmed but experienced from within (cf.
Filmed in Westchester County and at City Island in the Bronx at a cost of $30,000, the film includes lavish battle scenes with a cast of hundreds, large for the day.
This 1951 masterpiece was filmed entirely on location in India, and its original breathtaking beauty can now be experienced again on the screen, thanks to careful and complicated restoration efforts by the Academy Film Archive, in association with the British Film Institute and Janus Films.