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the personnel of the film industry

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Recalling some famous alcoholics of filmdom is easy enough, whether screenwriters, actors, or directors: Think of William Faulkner, Richard Burton, or John Huston.
There have been more preposterous movies in the annals of filmdom, to be sure, but Shortbus deserves special recognition for making sex and love seem just plain silly.
one of Hollywood's most successful and popular stars, must surely be unprecedented in the history of filmdom.
Real-life lout ROBERT Carlyle lives in the phoney world of filmdom.
It contrasts with Hollywood or filmdom or screenland, which refer back to a (largely fictional) "reality" behind the screen.
And while the doors to filmdom are opening, albeit slowly to this new trend; concerts involving rap artistes are becoming popular in colleges such as DU, IIT and birthday bashes, where payments for their performances are slowly rising.
The Indian actress of French descent has studied theatre in the past, and she even featn tured in several plays before foraying into filmdom.
His charming acting style, they observed, made him a charismatic actor of the Pakistani filmdom.
London, June 21 (ANI): In an attempt to promote British talent in Hollywood movies, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge will help creative young boys and girls get their big break in different realms of filmdom.
The show to be led by popular super star of Malayalam filmdom and directed by the versatile Nadirshah will feature noted stars from humour and music.
However, the fame of filmdom has not deterred this ardent aficionado of theatre from taking his favourite play to many more audiences.
Oh, fans of filmdom, the summer flick season is heating up, so never mind what they're saying in the media about no one going to the theaters anymore.
Srid evi , the reigning queen of the 1980s and 1990s who made a comeback with English Vinglish after 15 years, finds filmdom a lot more organised now.
Washington, May 31 (ANI): 'Sceptical' about her acting talent, Jennifer Lawrence's parents ensured that their daughter completed her studies before plunging into filmdom.
Director Brillante Mendoza is the toast of the Pinoy filmdom after he was voted the Best Director at the 62nd Cannes film festival, for his film Kinatay.