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(used of a story or literary work) capable of being adapted to motion picture form

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British director, MICHAEL WINTERBOTTOM, is bidding to film what has been described as one of the greatest but least filmable novels ever written.
In ``Adaptation,'' Streep plays a version of the reporter and Cage is Charlie Kaufman, the screenwriter who goes crazy trying to make a filmable script out of the uncinematic tale about eccentric flower hunters.
There is one called The Man in the High Castle, about the world if Germany and Japan had won the war, which is one of his best and is very filmable, as are most of his books.
A Filmable Feast: How Hemingway Has Fared in the Movies.
When I finished writing the script I gave it to my professor at USC to read, and he said that it was not a filmable script, because it was about the interior feelings of a woman who had no outlet to express them, and the plot had too few characters.
Even if Thompson's books should prove filmable via such oblique strategies, taking them on would entail more "standing outside" yourself--as narrator Lou Ford styles "thinking" in The Killer Inside Me (1952)--than filmmakers so far have tended to carry to the projects.
The Company intends to broaden its corporate mission to include motion picture activities, including the acquisition of filmable books and scripts, and the release of soundtracks from independent and studio motion pictures.
The present Bishop of Worcester remarked that the Resurrection was not a filmable event - Ye Gods, what does he mean?