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a producer of motion pictures

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He, in turn, introduced the girl to prominent film producers from Bengaluru.
The bodies of an Indian film producer, his wife and daughter -- who were found dead in an alleged murder-cum-suicide pact in their Dubai apartment -- have been laid to rest at Sharjah Municipality's crematorium on Saturday.
The film producer was arrested on Saturday at Nalasopara area, Thane district near Mumbai.
Moreover, Maulana Fazl added, "Through protests and rallies we want deliver message to the international community that how the nefarious act of the inflammatory US film producer injured the feelings of the Muslim Ummah".
Dan Thomson, who runs the school's film club, said: "We don't have a film producer visiting us often and this is a tremendous opportunity to inspire the students and show them, firsthand, that a career in the film industry is more accessible to them that they might have thought.
Turkish film producer and founder of the Cavu Pictures, Isil Bagdadi, also received an award for "her outstanding contributions" to cinema.
David Stacey, Grub's cofounder and a former film producer, said the cold pie market had been blighted by a lack of new product development.
Godiva is an elaborate debut novel by David Rose, veteran film producer, Emmy award winner and developer of more than 40 screenplays.
Words cannot describe the powerful atmosphere when Jan Horn, a documentary film producer from South Africa, presented his work at a workshop during the Renewal Arts conference this August in Caux, Switzerland.
Chris Delaney, a Vancouver animation film producer and former president of the Reform Party of B.
Elmore Leonard's equation of a film producer with a petty criminal in Get Shorty may not completely miss the mark.
More than 70 of those pictures were perhaps the most important asset bequeathed to Goldwyn by his father, the Hollywood pioneer and acclaimed independent film producer famous both for his vision and his temper.
Having worked with Brown for several years now, Maud Nadler, senior vice president at Los Angeles-based Independent Productions, a division of HBO Films, sees no limit to what this ambitious film producer can do.
ISMAIL MERCHANT, 68, film producer who with his life partner, director James Ivory, made 40 films, May 25.
Ronald Reagan's daughter Patti Davis honored TV and film producer Julie Meisner Eagle with the Caregiver Award for her documentary, ``Alzheimer's: My Mom, Our Journey.