film making

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the production of movies

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Simply stated, "Shoot Like Spielberg" should be a part of every film school and academic library film making reference collections and supplemental studies reading list.
Shawkat Amin Korki, a Kurdish director who partook in the festival with his astounding Crossing the Dust, had something to add about the passion he had for film making.
As a result,Walid went into film making by accident.
displayed an unprecedented interest in the Armenian film making industry.
Program Overview: An extremely well designed program that aims to create the finest talent pool for the emerging era of digital content creation in the field of Animation Film Making.
The Film & Video Production course takes an interdisciplinary approach to film making without compromising on learning the basic tenets of cinema.
The I love UAE video competitionconcluded with the announcement of the winners and a debate by film experts and educationists on how to nurture film making in the UAE.
Summary: DUBAI - A career in the film making industry intrigues creative minds.
The '80s were a golden age for futuristic sci-fi film making, with Blade Runner appearing also in 1982, and the sci-fi classic Aliens in 1986.
130 Projects to Get You Into Film Making provides a fine review of the basics of filmmaking and provides a complete introductory course under one cover.
ISLAMABAD, May 10, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Directorate General of Films and Publications (DFP) has established a digital film studio to promote creativity and ensuring a suitable film making atmosphere.
It is looking for promising 15- to 18-year-olds who have a real passion for film making.
The Killriculum project is a scheme designed to teach young people the skills of film making by getting them to make their own blood-chilling films.
Joe Sfeir, Marketing Manager of Arab Business Machine Ltd (ABM) says, "Our involvement in the Manhattan Film Academy forms part of our continuous commitment to the film making industry and further positions Final Cut Studio 2 as the leading and most powerful production suite on the planet,"
Bergman, whose 1982 film Fanny And Alexander won an Oscar for best foreign film, made about 60 movies before retiring from film making in 2003.